Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’s Microtransaction Market Is Completely Gone

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’s Microtransaction Market Is Completely Gone

A new update for Shadow of War completely removes the in-game market and microtransactions, while also adding several game improvements. Manage a paper arena and become the ultimate champion! Play Paper io.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War & Microtransactions

“Gold exists for users who want to speed up their army building process. There are people who appreciate having the option. We don’t want to restrict any players from playing our game. So we have the option for those that want a speedy option, and for those that choose to avoid it can do so without any negative impact on their game.” MonolithJared & apparently everyone at Monolith and WB are clearly out of their goddamn minds if they think that this sort of system won’t affect Middle-earth: Shadow of War players who refuse to pay to skip content. I personally am already affected and the game isn’t even out yet and is as far away from my hands as most the world is from rational thinking. See because why in the fuck would I care about your game if you’re willing to say that anyone who puts forth the extra CASH and not EFFORT will be likely leading your online leaderboards, which I could give a fuck about anyway? Why would I buy a game that has microtransactions tied up in something as integral to the core of the game like Gear and Weapons? XP boosts and new “Followers” this is a mobile game masquerading as a AAA title and will collect dust on a shelf in a store as far as I am concerned. Love you guys and thanks for watching 😀 Jaxxsin


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